Sunday, April 11, 2010


Though the incident which I am writing now is a thirdhand narration, the characters and incident are real and any resemeblance to persons and places are purely intentional. This was described by Soni during one of our gossip sitouts during our college days in Southshields,over a neat shot of cheap house whiskey from ASDA.
Being sailed on vessels with a mixed crew so varied, we all had our portion of humor on language skills of the Turkish fitters onboard ,but by far this one is the best i ever heard.
This happened on Soni and Ghate's first ship. A cadet is screwed by everyone, cheap labour they being. they are screwed by the chief engineer and first engineers, who let the ratings like fitters and motormen to screw them further. so whoever needed assistance on any job , a cadet was at their disposal.
And so Soni and Ghate were called to assist Osman( i dont remember his real name), the senior fitter to fix some pipe aloft by welding. And so these two cadets went with the super fitter who went up climbing on the myriad of pipes and did the welding dangling there and Soni and Ghate stood below passing on welding rods and stuff whenever he asked. Everything went smooth and after half an hour,Osman called out to Soni,''Soni!! Soldier''
Soni and Ghate stared at each other and looked all wheres a soldier, they coud see tools,fire hose,welding rods,but where the heck is a soldier
Osman was getting impatient and he yelled''' Soniiiiiii,Soldier!!soldier!!!
Soni and Ghate started to search around and Osman started yelling more...but he got fed up soon and unhooked the safetly belt and climbed down and came to Soni
''Soni!! no understand Soldier, you no understand nothing!!!!
and with that he made an attention pose as Soldiers would stand in attention,and said this is Soldier!!!
Then Soni understood what he meant, he wanted Soni who was the taller of the two to stand in attention so that he could take support on his shoulders and climb down!!!

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