Friday, April 23, 2010

Free Fall

It was a day of mixed emotions the day I met my wife
.I was supposed to see her in our college campus,my cousin ,a junior to her being the mediator. I,my brother Nikil, my friends Sooraj and Ashis reached the campus quite earlier than as planned. We parked the car on the passage to the main entrance. I called Sree and he said the classes are still on,you need to wait for another half an hour.
I thought i would use the time to meet my old professors and I went to the first floor of the new college building. As I entered the Chemistry Dept, Prof.Govindan looked up from his seat. I dint see the usual welcome smile on his face. He said, come ,take a seat.
I sat in front of him and he said,'' did you come after hearing the news?''
I said ''what news sir?''
''oh'' he said, ''so you dont know?'' Shaljan suicided today morning!!
''What?'' I was on my feet again,''but why and where?''
'' He jumped from the terrace of his friends house near the hostel, the body has been taken for postmortem''
''I will go there'' I said and ran to the car. By the time i got into the car,Sree called me saying shes on her way. I saw her walking past the car and thought , I guess shes the one,
Anyway,more to do now, ''guys lets go to Thaliapparambu govt hospital''
''But why??'' I kept pondering over and over on the way to the hospital..
About three weeks back , the day I reached home on vacation, Thakku had brought Shaljan to my home. Thakku had told me on the phone that Shaljan had some financial issues. And when we discussed it at home he said he needed some money to sort out the issues and that would be it. I was happy to help some one who never ever asked for any favour all through our college life.
But then a few days later he called me again and asked for some more money. We met at the city center and I gave him some more,but i said '' hasnt your issues been sorted? you said that day that what I gave that day was enough''. He said ,no there are still some more issues..
A week later he called me again and asked for more money, I said'' see, I cant keep on giving you money. Either you tell us in detail what are the issues and how much you need to sort it fully, then we can try to sort it together.''
he said that he will call me later..
But he never called me again!!
As I waited near the hospital, I realized that he would never call me again..!!
It was a day of mixed emotions...

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