Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pappu's corner

As much as I had wanted to own a bicycle in my childhood, I never had one. So on the many ocassions that we boys wanted a ride, we would either rent one from Gopalettan's shop or borrow a ride from my friend Unni. I and Unni had roamed around our small village,Chovva many times, either on rented cycles or him giving me a lift on his cycle; though we would never go out to the highway or the main streets. But those roads soon started to get boring and we planned to venture out into the main road connecting to the national highway.
So on one Saturday evening, we set out from home,I and Unni. He was riding and I was sitting on the bar at the front. All going as plan. We passed the school ground and was almost nearing the main road. Tension mounting as we saw the cars and buses zooming ahead on the road.
Unni said ,Okay as we enter the main road ,you look behind and I will watch out front to see if the road is clear. I said Okay.
Now if you had checked our roads clearly, the tar road is always at a higher level than the muddy side walk which is infact quite a safety risk for ammateur cyclists.!! But we never thought of it. Now as we were about to enter, I looked behind,but Unni forgot that he was supposed to look ahead at the road.
Thud!!!!!I could feel myself loosing the grip on the handle and flying towards the road. I crash landed on my head, luckily no vehicle was coming. All felt okay, I stood up and touched my forehead, and then i took a look at my palm, it was covered with blood!! I hadnt seen blood before like this and that was enough for me to loose control...
''AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa''' I started to cry and people started coming out of Pappu's tea stall.
From nowhere,Archu who was the most popular drunkard of the village brought a scooter and took me to the doctor.
the doctor gave me two stitches and Archu took me back home on his scooter. As i reached home ,I saw a small crowd in front of the house and I could hear my mother and my grandmother crying on top of their voice,and when I climbed the steps to the front of the house people were looking at me shockingly!!!they asked ,are you okay??
I said yeah!!!Amma came running and held me and said
''Unni came here and said you met with an accident near Pappu's corner and that you had been take to Hospital''
God!!! Some accident!!!
the crowd dispersed, but Archu stayed a little longer; till dad gave him money to buy a half bottle.


  1. This is the other part of the story : My version. Who am I? I am Unni :D. So when Nithin fell, panic stuck.. Arch & co came and picked him up, put him in an auto rushed to the doctor. How bad was it? In the shock I could not recollect. First accident on the cycle and you can imagine. Brand new BSA SLR. So now what to do... Doubles on cycle is it allowed, Legal? What will my parents think.. Will i get to see the bicycle again?. So half heatedly I rode.Stepped inside home, aa thank god Fatherji is not there.. Otherwise you will get the Face value :D. With some courage I proceeded towards Nithin's house. Few meters away from mine, down the hill.. What should I tell nithin's family??? Nithin's grandmother is also there at home, seeing me Nithin's mother asked, where is nithin? I wanted to tell small accident. Somehow the "small" word got gobbled . Gulp! Oops what did I do, they started crying. I ran back home. Later Arch dropped nithin back home, serenity prevailed. Outcome! Yeah you guessed it right + Cycle ban for 3 months..

  2. a real comment.!! this feels good !!

  3. Pyari,thanks for visiting. Havent checked your blogs yets, will be doing it soon

  4. Np. But, I am really surprised to meet you here again. :) Hope u recognized me. I am ur junior in GCEK. Was scanning thru Dileesh's blogs yesterday. Yet to take a closer look at your other posts. So, I too shall keep visiting. :)

  5. Yes Pyari, I did recognize you. yes it is surprising to meet this way after a good lot of years! how are you and where r u these days??