Thursday, April 29, 2010


Lalu is one guy whose stories are never ending.Such a prankster!! The same age as me, there wouldnt be one single guy around whom he wouldnt have pulled legs. Cento, the Club where we sit around in the evenings is right in front of the school were I did my primary schooling. From the school ground ,if you have to come to the main ground near the club then you have to walk through the small slab which connected the two planes at a different level, it was a makeshift bridge .
Every evening when we would be sitting at the club gossipping and puffing away Wills after Wills, we would see see this guy on his Hero Honda Splendour speeding from one corner of the ground, through the slab to the other side and disappear around the corner. None of us knew him. Two things were enough to mount hatred against him amongst us club dwellers!!one,he ran his own business in the town;so he is rich and the other, he never looked at us!!! And he always rode his bike so fast that he would leave a trail of dust flying behind which made us hate him even more. But we could do nothing; I said we,not Lalu.
One evening when I came to the club,I saw lalu writitng something on a big cardboard.
I looked over his shoulder..Man this guy is crazy!!
In ten minutes, he finished writing the board, took a long stick from the neighbourhood and tied the board to the stick with wires and planted that near the slab.
We were puffing away when we heard a bike coming and then heard a loud screech of tyres slipping on the mud when you brake suddenly. We ran out from the club and saw this guy braked in front of the slab. He read the board, put the bike in gear, took a turn and went back the way he came.
The board read: ''Bridge under repair!!Pls take a Diversion'''

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