Saturday, April 24, 2010


At a throws distance from Dharmashala, Govt college of engineering,Kannur could be said to be suitably located in a RED fort; i would not rather go much into politics having said that.
When you go towards the college from Dharmashala, the first thing that you see as you reach the campus border is the basket ball court on your right hand side and on your left hand side across the road,on top of the small hill is the Ladies' Hostel.
It was a common practice for us hooligans to get drunk at the friendly neighbourhood bar,The Highway Inn at Thaliapparambu and ride our bikes back ;park them near the basket ball and conduct a small session at midnight on testing our vocabulary and vocal finesse!! It was fun doing it because our voices could be heard clearly at the Ladies Hostel,so the girls claimed. And this went on for almost 4 years without any complications;until one fine day during our Final years week,we pushed our limits and luck a bit further..
All i remember of that night is drinking my wits out at the bar, riding my cousin's beaten down Delhi registration Yamaha back and trying to put it on stand. I guess it fell down. Next thing I remember is waking up in the hostel porch(no idea how i reached the mens hostel) sometime in the wee hours of morning when i heard the loud noise of a mob chanting slogans. I crawled my way into the first open door near the porch and slept on the floor.
When i woke up in the morning with a terrible headache and came out into the passage something felt strange. I reached the washroom and saw Shijith . He looked dismayed.
''dey, wassup?''I asked '' and where are the others?''
''Where were you lastnite'' he asked '' arent you aware of what happened?''
''No!! I was zonked out and slept on the floor in some room, why what happened?''
'' We came walking all the way from the basket ball court to the hostel chanting dirty songs and abuses and when we reached the hostel we saw that Pavithran was missing!!''
And then? I asked
''then Hanagan went to look for him on his bike'',know what he saw??''
''What???'' I cried
'' A mob of around fifty localites were carrying Pavithran and heading towards the Hostel'' and they saw Hanagan and caught him also.
And then??
''They came in front of the hostel gate, made Pavithran and Hanagan give them the names of the full group who were out at the basket ball court and on the road, and they called each of us one by one and beat us!!!!'' Where were you asshole?? We called out your name many times,Were you hiding somewhere??''
''No man , i wasnt aware of anything!! i heard a mob coming,but i thought it would be you guys ''
By then Reju,Mercu and all started coming out and all had finger marks on their faces!! Though I had a narrow escape, thanks to the few extra shots, I couldnt' stop myself from laughing my heart out!!!
''yeh safar bohat hai katin magar
na udaas ho mere humsafar''!!!

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