Tuesday, March 16, 2010

temper tantrums

one of the very few plastic display boards in our old home said '' temper is a valuable thing, do not lose it'' and honestly i try my best to comply. but its not easy i tell you..especially on days like yesterday when i put a DVD on and reached for the remote and found it without the battery cover and batteries and the battery space was filled with kheer from yesterday!!!
okay count till 1o , dont blow off, well i tried hard..i did count till 10 , but no one says what to do after you reach 10!!!Richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, dont you dare touch the remote ever again!!!!
so the movie had to wait, thought i would check if there any comments on my posts.
but as soon as i touched the laptop he was besides me and went..All izz well ,All izz well!! so it meant it would only be All izz well on youtube for the next half anhour....
okay , count till 10 !!!
so movie is out,laptop is out, i thought i would try to clean the remote and see..opened the remote and cleaned everything and put it back. now where are the batteries??
another 15 minutes and i couldnt find any battery, had to take batteries out from the clock
and i could feel myself at the verge of blowing up.
so i sat down again with the cleaned up remote and tried!! NO it wouldnt work!! and there went the remote bang on the wall!!
well i did count till 10!!!


  1. Nithiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin....... time to grow up to be a dad..... Nature's major lesson you know....i'm sure he is typical u.

  2. cool!!! same @ my home too!!!