Monday, March 15, 2010

coffee with kolu

fifteen years of togetherness. fifteen long years of never ending pranks and passtimes. college has defenitely given some of the best things in life. from a lone ,skinny boy to a beer bellied man i have carried a lot of good memories and friends with me. guys!! you have given me a life!!
those who dint know me well might be wondering what the title of the blog means;well that was my pet name since first week of college fifteen years back;ever since Maaman set his eyes on me. did i like him? no, i dint to be honest. it took me a good odd six years to realise that he actually had a lot of good traits in him. and looking back now, the cat and mouse game between us pulling legs at even the minutest of opportunity were hilarious.
it was just another sunday evening in hostel. like manytimes , i was in hostel after a heavy stint of boozing. we knew Maaman was back from home, but he wasnt in his room when I and moori went in. his bags were there . As usual , we rummaged through his bag and something very uncommon caught my eyes. its was three neatly packed coffee powder well packed in small plastic bags and sealed. learnt from moori that these were home made herbal coffee which maamans mom made. and knowing maaman, this had to be a gift that he would give to some girl.
the devil in me had to come out!!!
i and moori neatly made a hole on one of the packets, poured the coffee powder out into a jar.
went out to the hostel backyard and brought some fine dry brown mud and filled into the packet very neatly and sealed it back and put it back in his bag.
a very unsuspecting maaman went to college and neither did we show any signs.
till now he wudnt say to whom he tried to give the coffee. but i can assure that he never again brought herbal coffee powder in to the hostel..''tere sang ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hai..tere sang''

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