Sunday, March 14, 2010

joggers park

a long day of waiting for a very quiet sunday's work to be over. Sundays are pretty boring days. Main offices in Europe are closed and the local customers are busy on the first day of the week.
And on top of that an overpowering thought that life is going stale with a very ordinary routine was making time pass ever more slower. Something has to be done. My shippie friend Nilesh's Facebook wall says '' I heard that women find 6 packs sexy. I've been drinking them but it's not working !'' and that triggered the thought that maybe i should start doing something about my one pack or atleast try to rev up my stamina so that during the next friendly alumni cricket match i wouldnt have to get a runner after batting for four overs.
so i put down the long standing- at- ease treadmill to the floor. well, two kilometers of jogging isnt that bad i guess for a start. but dont ask me how much time i lied down on the sofa. though partially asleep i could hear the lady screaming Thomaaaaaas in the background!!! Am i dreaming ? or has it really got into me?


  1. Your blog is quite interesting…to me!!! First becoz its very simple and one can easily visualize. Second it sounds like the reflections of a normal person……(at least)….
    Communication is for others to understand….not to make it complicated and u are doing it well….
    Didn’t expect from you though….strange!!!
    Guess I can’t judge people always right……or I shouldn’t be judging at all….
    The blog name suits very well to the posts….would love to read visit your pages again!!!

  2. the very first comment on my blog.. this feels good!!!

  3. The first post and a comment too......heay Wandered.... you seem to be hitting the nail directly.
    well about 6 packs..... you know ehat everyone has them...the only problem i have with mine is that they are not flat and strong as they should b.... but very soft and large.
    i need to certainly learn a lil bit from you about using my treadmill for the cause it was purchased for....
    best of luck to me.....

  4. ths one was ok for me bt tht gem of frnd and coffee with kolu were awesome...i had visited at my frnds place and at her place now the treadmill is used to dry clothes...:)