Sunday, March 14, 2010

shining stars

yet another weekend, pushed my ability to sleep to the limit, woke up close to noon.
yet another weekend with a skipped breakfast and an early lunch ;and the new restaurant in Ajman has made us even more lazier.. they serve nice malabarian meals,,mhmm, tastes so close to home..tucked ourselves in the heaviest of meals we could have; forget health, its a weekend!!
ideas of a matinee inhouse went dead when endless shows of Tom and Jerry and Mickey mouse went on and ,i never knew Tom and Jerry could be so boring also..''you scared the afterlife off me'' said the ghost running after Tom and Jerry!! Phew!! this is pathetic,aint it..gone are the days when i would remember dialogues from mohanlal's aaryan!!!
but then i saw his face and he was so immensely drowned in the pranks of Tom and Jerry and it was much better than watching the TV to watch his face.. his eyes shining like stars, his face going through many emotions dancing to the chords of the cartoon and shooting a quick glance at me at times to check if all is well...well son, All izzz well!!!

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