Monday, March 29, 2010


There were a few of us in engineering college who felt 4 years was too short a period for such a vast course of study. And so I,Sajit, Moori and Maaman stayed back to pursue further studies.
(some people may ignorantly call it as supplementary!!!)
I was in Bombay when the final year results came and the phone call from home said come back, you have been selected for further studies!! By the time i came back, Sajit,Reju and Maaman had rented an old home at kalliasserry which is more or less close to the college.
It was a nice place to stay. Very calm and quiet, a very old house in a big compound, surrounded by temples. We were sure that the place was blessed and that we will make it through the exams without any problem...............until the landlord started visiting frequently.
He would come riding his herohonda in the evenings. We had only the front hall and two rooms. He had access to the rooms at the back of the house . Most of the times he would go silently to his space and leave silently. But slowly he started to invite us to share a few drinks with him and he would talk for hours on everything under the earth,but mostly about god and satan . we would hide or pretend that we are busy studying whenever we saw him coming.
He was well read,well educated and well travelled also and so it wasnt easy avoiding him aswell.
then on the day of this incident, he came quite late in the evening,pretty well drunk. we were all sitting at the front and he came to us and said,''I have locked someone in the wooden storage behind,. I need to take him out at midnight after some pooja!! Are you guys brave enough to come with me??''
the question was alarming and his expressions made it look more eerie..but we managed to ask him who it was and why did he lock him. But he wouldnt tell us. He said if you are brave you can find out in a few hours!!
The challenge was difficult to let go unaccepted, so we said yes we are ready..Then he took us to the rear side and ito the main room . He said we still have time so lets have a round of drink. So Reju ,I and Maaman drank vodka with him while Sajit had to bear the nonsense in full senses!!
From time to time he would point towards the huge wooden storage near the door in next room and say ''he is sleeping now''..Then by around 11.30 he took a shower and came in his black dhothi .He teared some banana leaves, lit the lamp near the storage and started chanting while tearing the banana leaves slowly and throwing on the storage..and when it was almost 12 he stood up and said,'' beware,I am going to open the door now''... we were all excited and tensed thinking something might jump out of the storage now.!!!!
then he opened the door slowly, put his hand inside and took out a small bundle covered in black cloth...and said ''this is it''' and he slowly started to take the clothes off the bundle and finally he revealed to us the monster!!!
''a small black stone''' and said this is the saligram and its dangerous to keep it at home. Now i need to dispose this in the family pool in koodali before dawn. And he asked us again''' do you have courage enough to come with me to dispose this???''
We looked at each other and said in a single voice!!!
No Bavetta,no!! we arent brave enough..
And off he went on his herohonda to Koodali!!!!
Some monster!!!

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  1. he was very wise, he might have understood that a small black stone was enough for u guys...