Tuesday, March 16, 2010

some hearts are diamonds

some friends are real gems!!they wouldnt let you down no matter what..Anish was one of the gems that i had with me during my pre degree years in S.N college..i wonder where he is now.. he must be doing good wherever he is..

Short Anish as he was widely known , the name got even shorter when people started adressing him as Short or Shot as they liked!! I , Shot, Saleem and Roopesh were from A batch and we were quite regular absentees!! we found our solace with the rest of the gang behind the open air auditorium or in the canteen in Balettans' company much rather than the boring maths and physics classes.

this was just another day that started in front of the store, said hi to our classmates and jumped off just before the teacher came into the class. cant really remember whether the classes used to be for an hour or 45 minutes. the bell rang as Shot finished his second cigarette behind the stage .. we gave it a good ten minutes before we proceeded towards the class. normally the teachers dont stay that long.

but just as we reached near the class the teacher came out and we turned back and ran. G batch which was two classes away from ours was empty and we ran into that class and hid under the desks. Shot was under the desk nearest to the door .

well, it seems like Sabitha Madam had a pretty good eyesight!! she barged straight into G batch and immediately saw Shot under the desk.

Okay,come out Anish, I saw you running!! why you were not in the class.

we could hear the rumble as Shot came out from under the desk.

Ma'm , I came late and the class had already started......

Anish, you cant come in my class until you bring your parents!!!!

Ma'm pls i wont repeat it again,goes Shot

No way, bring your parents and we will see... Madam was quite sure

and then goes the gem of a friend, Ma'm i dint bunk the class alone!!!Nithin,Roopesh and Saleem were also with me. they are all hiding under desks!!!

and he goes okay guys come out!!!!

Man i never saw so much of sharing!!!!

well it took a whole day of standing in the rain outside her class to persuade her in letting us have one more chance!!

Some hearts are diamonds

Some hearts are stones!!!!!!!

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