Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why Grow Up??

2320 hrs UAE time, half time into the Holland Vs uruguay match, three shots of Cutty Sark down the drains;like our Professor Balasubramanniam used to say-I started contemplating; on a serious note whether to fix myself a fourth one or not, but on a lesser seriousity -on life!!
        The previous week went quite well, had a nice amount of bitching on Facebook; though I had to argue with my wife that it is a real stress buster. I am sure shes not convinced, but it did bring back memories of college life in capsule size!! But at the back of my idle mind, I had this notion that I was actually stretching myself a bit farther. Cant remember those rules of elasticity that I heard somewhere in college. But yes, the essence was should I show much more maturity? Should I set limits for myself? Should I let my heart race well past my not yet grey hairs boundaries???I have heard this question manytimes through stares, through comments ,direct and indirect.
I was still contemplating a 4th shot when I saw the mango Fruity ad..
Huge mangoes rolling down slopes and falling from trees; MTV Bakra reborn.
But the ad caption got my attention;it was inline with my present thought process.
''Why grow up??''
Yeah thats a nice one, why grow up??I mean you can do all what you have to do and not bother what people might think of you- if it doesnt hurt anyone. Would it be mean? or would it be fun? Maybe even pulling a leg here and there would actually add some luster to the whole thing. But still;should I draw lines?Should I set limits?
Do people really change over a period of time or is it just that they only pretend that they have changed? I am not taking into account of the professional changes;just the pure basic animal in each.
Can someone who could make everyone burst into laughter become a pretty serious guy over a period of years??
Can someone who had been kind and generous turn into a mean and selfish prick just like that??
No , I dont think so!!
So is it a veil??
Ohh,its too much of thinking needed !!I aint ready for that yet!!
I poured a fourth one into the glass,man this was much easier!!!


  1. senti aakkathede... nee parayunanthellam kurachu koodi koodiya reethiyil enikkanu badhakam....

    --Anoop. G. Nadh

  2. Defnitely. Circumstances change and people adapt to them...........what may feel fanciful at one point of time may not excite us always........

  3. it u? I never though u were so serious thinker (??)... but as u said ...always liked to say to myself...never grow up.. but some happenings in life make u think otherwise.!!!!....hope all of us..vibrators..still remain "silly" always!! :-)

  4. @Charisma,I think what was fanciful at one time will always remain so, only behaviour changes majorly, not the root nature
    @Cukku,Yes, some of us still do try to remain as silly as we can,but there are people who have changed. well good for them

  5. hey etan to start with this was an interesting read...and this point of why grow up? I think all of us have thought of at some point of my perspective I thought of this when responsibilities were thrown at me:) and most of us I think would like to remain a child at heart, retain the good things through out...but somewhere down the line some remain the same, some graduate, get promoted and few are detained :)